How to Shop for the Best Flip Flops

Here are some great tips to keep in mind if you are planning to purchase flip flops.

First, Check out which type of flip flops is more suitable for your preferences and lifestyle. The types of flip flops are distinguished depending on their footbed. The light foam footbeds offer the least support and stability for your feet, but they are also the cheapest type of flip flops. If you’re only using one for a month or less, this is a great option but if you want a pair that will last you for a long time, it’s best to go with a more durable and high-quality pair.

Foot-molding footbeds contain EVA or foam and rubber materials that are designed to recall your foot shape with frequent use. Most users prefer this type of flip flops because they offer unparalleled comfort. Over time, you’ll break them in and the bed turns into the precise shape of your foot. The materials that make up this type of flip flops also offer stability, support, and some level of shock absorption. Furthermore flip flops under this type are relatively affordable.

Contoured footbeds are flip flops that provide more support and stability for your feet. They are often made from great materials such as leather, PU, or EVA. They don’t easily bend in the middle, as most cheaper flip flops tend to do. Instead, they bend near the forefoot, which is where your foot will naturally bend. There are a few variations under this type, such as with the padding, the shape of the heel cup, and the arch height. Because they offer the best possible qualities you’ll ever need with your flip flops, contoured footbeds also tend to be the most expensive category of flip flops like black wedge flip flops .

Second, make sure that you’re choosing the right size for you feet. Your heels and toes should be completely inside the flip flops, and shouldn’t be hanging off the sole’s edge. Improperly fitting flip flops leave you vulnerable to debris such as toys or rocks. You also run the risk of getting injured, stubbing your toes, and tripping.

Finally, make sure that the flip flops you are buying are made from high quality materials such as the products from Flojos . They should offer good arch support and feature thick soles. Never purchase flip flops that can be bent in half. No footwear, even those made from rubber, should bend in half.

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